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#OccupyJulorbiHouse demo: Protesters mass up for Day 3

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Members of pressure group, Democracy Hub, have gathered in significant numbers at the 37 Trotro station on Saturday, marking their third and final day of protest.

The group’s demonstration centers on their discontent with the government’s economic management and the resulting hardships faced by the Ghanaian population.

Large contingents of police officers were also deployed to the 37 area to maintain order during the protest. Several prominent celebrities have joined the demonstration in solidarity with Democracy Hub.

During the second day of the protest, the police prevented protestors from advancing to the Jubilee House, the official residence of the President. Some Ghanaian celebrities who participated in the protest were seen seated on the ground as a symbolic gesture of their dissatisfaction.

The ongoing protests have not been without incidents, as 49 members of the Democracy Hub group, including a BBC reporter and his cameraman, were arrested, and Metro TV’s Bridget Otoo was subjected to rough treatment by the police on Thursday.

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