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My reason for attending school as a child

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Obaapa Christy

Growing up as a child, her ideal reason for being in school was not the same as her age mates as she perceived a different path.

These were the words of renowned gospel musician, Obaapa Christy as she gave Ghanaians a lowdown on her educational background.

As someone who ended her education at Junior High School (JHS), going to school was not for academics but the extra-curricula activities that it came with.

“I started school at Division and continued at Anomangye all in Suame, Kumasi. I was delighted to attend school every day not because I wanted to learn but to become a musician.

“So I knew I will be given a platform to sing during church service, asked to lead prayers or a teacher will send me on an errand,” she told Afia Amankwa Tamakloe on Adom TV’s M’ashyase3.

The hyebre sesafo hitmaker said her perception was partly due to her poor performance, though she tried her best in some subjects.

“Maths and Drawing were my favourite subjects but I didn’t like English and Dictation. ‘Dictation’, especially could put me off and give me headaches.

“I believe I liked maths because God knew he will make me a prominent person and I would have to count money,” she bragged.

Against this backdrop, she revealed her JHS certificate is still with the school several years after completion and when asked why, she said, “It will not help me because it could have limited me from reaching the heights of life I have attained with hard work. They should use it to decorate the school.”

She, however,, hinted at her plans and desire to go back to school though she did not give any timelines.


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