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My friend is a gossip

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Dear Auntie Betty, Please help me to advise my friend to stop gossiping.
She’s always talking about other people, even things she has no knowledge of.
I feel bad about her behaviour but she will just not listen.
Worried girl,
Cape Coast.

Dear worried girl, Talking about other people is a bad behaviour which should not be encouraged. People gossip without thinking of how it will affect the other person. But it has a negative impact on the one being gossiped about and so the earlier your friend puts a stop to it, the better.
When you gossip about someone, it, among other things, makes the person lose self-confidence and self-esteem. Gossip hurts and ruins relationships. The information may not be true and may affect the reputation of the one being gossiped about.
So find a convenient time and talk to your friend. It may take time for her to stop so be patient with her and continue advising her. Anytime she comes up with any gossip, discourage her and remind her of the harm she may end up causing. If she continues with that behaviour, she may lose her friends, people will not trust or want to be in her company.  The moment she starts talking about other people you can leave her, don’t stay and listen to her. If that continues, I believe she will feel bad and stop.    
There may be a reason why she feels the need to gossip. She may just be craving for attention, feel better or get revenge. But there is no excuse for gossiping about others. It is unacceptable.
Tell her to bear this in mind: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She should mind her own business. She is in school to study and not to gossip so she should concerntrate on her academic work and improve on it.
All the best.

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