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Aisha Huang’s re-arrest: Heads must roll – STANEK Africa

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Strategic think tank, STANEK Africa, is calling for the dismissal of some top security officials following the re-arrest of a Chinese national, Aisha Huang.

The embattled Chinese national was deported on 19th December 2019 after the Government of Ghana said she had been living in Ghana with forged travel documents and illegal employment of foreign nationals (in breach of section 24 of the Immigration Act and regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations).

Barely four years after her deportation, she is making the headlines again after she was re-arrested for coming back to Ghana.

Her return has generated controversies as many ask the basis of her return.

A think tank, STRANEK Africa, believes for a person who was deported to come back to acquire a non-citizen identity card, it means some security agencies failed to do due diligence and therefore heads of such institutions should be fired by the president.

Executive Director of the group, Gideon Tetteh, in an interview with Nana Osei Ampofo Adjei on Adom TV’s Current Affairs show, The Big Agenda said the head of the Immigration Service, Minister and Coordinator in charge of National Security, the Interior Minister should all be sacked with immediate effect.

To him, those in charge of the above mentioned institutions have failed.

“How can someone who has been deported barley four years ago return to the country with such top security agencies not having knowledge? This means, if she was a terrorist, she would have beaten all our security intelligence,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, security analyst, Samuel Nana Appiah, is also calling for thorough investigations into the matter and those who are found guilty should be punished accordingly.

“For me, if Aisha Huang was in Ghana but we were made to believe she was deported, then that is criminal and disservice by our security agencies and if indeed she was deported, how come she was able to return? There should be clear investigation into this and whoever failed to do his or her work right should be sacked and if possible prosecuted,” he added.

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