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Will relocation of Agbogbloshie onion sellers solve flooding in Accra?

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Henry Boateng

The vice president of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghana, Engineer Henry Boateng, says the government is one step ahead of solving the perennial flooding in the country.

He believes the relocation of the Agbogbloshie traders coupled with regular dredging of the Odaw Drain could be the panacea to the perennial flooding.

It is sad to say that perennial flooding is now synonymous with Accra as any drop of rain submerges parts of the city and renders many homeless while causing destruction to property.

Principal among the causes identified for the perennial floods is human habitation within floodplains coupled with their negative activities key among which is the direct dumping of solid waste into drains.

One area perceived to be key in resolving the flood situation in the city is the Agbogbloshie market.

The place, which was habitable, was filled with sawdust to make it convenient for squatters to erect their shacks and stalls for their business and residences.

Traders recounted how they were able to fill the then swampy area for construction.

The market may be one of the most visited markets in the country and that comes with the huge solid waste generated there but not managed properly, hence, people resorted to dumping huge tonnes of refuse into the storm drain.

This has over the years led to the choking and narrowing of drains meant to accommodate huge floodwaters during downpour.

Greater Accra Minister, Henry Quartey, bemoans this situation.

The effect of the activities of traders at the market led to the relocation of the slum dwellers at the Agbogbloshie market after a seven-week ultimatum given by the Greater Accra Minister elapsed.

So, how will the relocation of the traders help in dealing with floods? Is that the panacea to the headache of city planners?

The vice president of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghana, Mr Boateng explains that the move, when managed properly, will help solve flooding issues in Accra.

Engineer Boateng is calling on the government to green the reclaimed land for recreational purposes rather than putting up structures, in order to save Accra from floods.

The Institute is warning the government not to leave the land fallow.

A visit by the Adom News team to the banks of the Odaw River showed that dredging is ongoing, hoping to help resolve the perennial flooding.

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