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Why should we pay for permit to fix our own bad roads?

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Beverly Afaglo | credit: @beverly_afaglo/Instagram
Beverly Afaglo | credit: @beverly_afaglo/Instagram

Actress Beverly Afaglo has called on the government to make changes to some sections of the law barring citizens from fixing deplorable roads without paying for a permit.

According to her, people with the funds to make roads in their community more accessible and safer, should be able to do so without going through any rigorous processes first.

Taking to her Instagram, she stated that “there’s this issue bothering me for some time now. I’m told you need a permit to fix bad roads anywhere in Ghana and you have to pay for the permit,” Beverly Afaglo wrote.

She added that “my own money to fix the road to make movement easier and save all of us from visiting mechanics every day, I have to pay for a permit before I can fix our deplorable roads?”

This is evil; It’s a shame - Actress Beverly Afaglo on requirement for permit to fix bad roads
Why should we pay for permit to fix our own bad roads? – Actress Beverly Afaglo asks government

Beverly Afaglo added that if the country wants to move to a digital world, then some of these laws must be scrapped to make room for new ones.

She explained that people need basic amenities, hence it is important to make them easily accessible.

“Government isn’t fixing the roads with our taxes, we are not complaining, allow good citizens to help make our lives easier too, you say no. This is evil. It’s a shame. That law must be amended or cancelled completely.”


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