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We are ready to embark on peaceful ‘demo’ to fix the country – Efia Odo [Video]

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Efia Odo

Actress Efia Odo has been one of the celebrities leading the charge for the government to ‘fix the country’ in the latest hashtag on Twitter, which has been trending since Monday.

According to her, price hikes, intermittent power outage, ‘no bed’ syndrome and the increment in fuel among others are causing many Ghanaians to wallow in poverty.

In her latest post on Instagram, the celebrity has vowed to embark on a demonstration together with those who are willing to put the incumbent government on it’s toes.

She asked Ghanaians to sign a petition being championed on social media to let their voices be heard because politicians cannot let their kids school outside and have their wives give birth abroad while we suffer.


Join the movement sign the petition and let your voices be heard. And this will not be a temporal thing. We would peacefully protest and let the leaders know we are tired.

Efia odo

She continued to say in the video: We are tired of being looked down upon or manipulated and being lied to.

The way the leaders treat the people of this country, they will never treat their children like that. They will never let their children go to these kinds of schools or let their wives give birth in these kinds of hospitals.

They will never put their family members in the situation we are in. So why should we be treated this way because we are less than? That is not fair. Every Ghanaian matters, everyone matters.

Watch the video below:

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