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Twumasiwaa Hospital Killer Grabbed …Detailed Accounts Of How NIB Nabbed Main Suspect Within 48Hrs

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The man suspected to have murdered the female Cashier at Twumasiwaa Hospital at Ogbojo in Accra, Gideon Vitalis, 24, is in the claws of the National Investigation Bereau (NIB), barely forty-eight (48) hours after he committed the crime.

He confessed to the NIB that he committed the crime during interrogations.

His arrest on 9th March, this year, a day after he allegedly smothered life out of Patience Ago Quaye, 31, and a mother of one, has also revealed how he carried out the dastardly act.

Though such investigations are within the mandate of the Homicide Unit of the Police Service, Director General of the NIB, Nana Atobrah Quaicoe, acted swiftly on intelligence from one of his men about a possible kidnap and murder on 8th March, 2023.

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According to NIB sources, Gideon Vitalis, a former Store Keeper of the hospital who had been sacked from the hospital about a month earlier, around 9pm, sneaked into the hospital to purportedly transact a business with another colleague who is still working in the health facility, but was not successful because the colleague was not around.

Midnight and half-past midnight on 8th March, when NIB gathered the crime was committed, Vatalis allegedly was strolling the hospital when he saw the late Patience Quaye had left her office and was headed toward the ward.

He then sneaked behind the mother of one, held her by the neck, and ordered her to hand over the keys to the cash office, New Crusading GUIDE was told.

In the melee, the late Patience allegedly bit Vitalis’ hand, making him leave her to fall on the cement floor on her back.

Later, NIB sources say when he realised Patience Quaye was lying motionless with blood oozing from behind her head, he allegedly dragged her to the Store Room, where he once was the keeper and fled to Koforidua, in the Eatern region.

While in Koforidua, Vitalis reportedly picked one of the numerous calls coming on Patience’s phone and told the person at the other end of the phone call that the deceased had been kidnapped and demanded a ransom of Ghc20,000.

Intelligence, however, led to his arrest at the Koforidua Central Market at 6pm on 9th March.

The SIM card of the late Patience was retrieved from Vitalis when he was arrested.

He also told the NIB that he had sold the phone belonging to the deceased.

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