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Shocking reasons why some Bukom residents are unwilling to take COVID jabs [Video]

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Social distancing is almost impossible because of the dense population at Bukom, located in the central business capital, Accra.

However, most residents are reluctant to take the COVID-19 vaccine over myths they still hold about the jabs and the virus.

Speaking to Joy News, some of them said they still do not believe the virus exists or is in the country.

A resident, who admitted having heard about the virus on television, radio and through other means, was quick to add he doesn’t believe anyone has succumbed to it in the country yet.

To him, his unwillingness to take the jab is because of the reactions experienced after taking the jab.

“When I’m not well, I know I need to take painkillers to get better, but once I’m fine I know I don’t need any vaccine,” he added.

The Assemblyman for Bukom, Carlos Makatta, lamented his outfit has embarked on many sensitisation programmes to get residents to adhere to the protocols but to no avail.


Meanwhile, the Health Director for the area, Dr Jacqueline Anita Sowah, said the service in the coming days will implement new measures to increase interest in the vaccination exercise including education and mobilisation of the centres.

Play the audio above:

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