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Prisoners smoke Spice-soaked lingerie after smuggling drugs via parcels and letters

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File photo: Crime
File photo: Crime

Female prisoners have been knickered – in a drugs bust with a difference.

Inmates got pals to sneak in the liquid form of Spice soaked into lingerie in parcels.

They then ripped the bras and knickers into pieces and smoked them.

But jail bosses rumbled the ruse and have now banned clothes parcels. However this has caused uproar among other inmates who have long complained about prison-issue undies being too tight.

A source at HMP Styal in Cheshire said: “You couldn’t make it up. It’s like something from the TV series Bad Girls.”

The Independent Monitoring Board confirmed: “The prison has banned incoming parcels to prisoners as a security measure.

“This has caused real distress to many, particularly those on long-term and life sentences.There have been concerns raised about the limited range of sizes, especially with regard to underwear.

“The alternatives provided, e.g. access to the prison shop and a limited supply of catalogues, do not meet the needs of many prisoners.”

The board added zombie drug Spice “has been smuggled into the prison via legal letters and parcels from outside. Incoming parcels are now banned as part of this strategy.”

Styal is home to some of Britain’s most evil women, including Savannah Brockhill, who murdered her partner’s one-year-old daughter Star Hobson in Keighley, West Yorks. Ex-inmates include 1960s double child killer Mary Bell.

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