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Office of Gborbu Wulomo clarifies alleged marriage involving a minor

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Credit: Ablade Online TV

The office of the Gborbu Wulomo has justified the marriage ceremony between the 63-year-old priest, Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII, and 12-year old girl over the weekend.

According to the office, Naa Okromo is one of the special children chosen by the Gborbu deity to dedicate their lives to serving the god.

Speaking at a press conference on April 2, Director of Administration at the Office, Rev. Dr. Daniel Nii Gyasi Ankrah clarified that Naa Okromo is to occupy the stool of Naa Yoomo Ayemuede.

This role, he said can only be occupied by an indigene of Nungua and individuals of a particular lineage.

“Naa Yoomo Ayemuede is one of the four roles played by indigenes of Nungua of peculiar heritage and ancestry from time immemorial. The title Naa Yoomo Ayemuede goes with appellation Wodekoyo.

“The Gborbu deity has four traditional and religious wives in Nungua alone and they are Naa Ashi3ley, Naa Ohimia, Naa Bosuafi and the final one is Naa Yoomo Ayemuede,”he said.

He said the Naa Yoomo will assist the priest to perform the special rites for the Gborbu deity.

Rev. Ankrah said Naa Yoomo’s roles include ceremonies to usher in the Homowo celebration for the Ga- Adangbe state, to feed all deities at the cardinals of the rocks situated in Nungua, and she is considered the mother of all priests and priestesses in Nungua.

He continued that she is also responsible for carrying the corn wine to the town square for praises and thanksgiving to God almighty. Additionally, she is responsible for cleaning and ablution of the Gborbu Temple during the Homowo festival. Furthermore, she is responsible for the Ayemo3de deity and Shade’ deity, which is purely performed by a virgin.

“We would like to emphasise that there is no carnal relationship or marriage involved as perceived by many, he stressed.

Rev. Ankrah added that the other wives to the deity have their own respective legal husbands.

He clarified that the items presented on Saturday were not the usual items presented during marriage rites but rather to aid Naa Yoomo Ayemuede to carry out her traditional duties.

Again, he stressed that roles like Naa Yoomo’ spiritual consultations are required and individuals from a particular home are selected for such roles.

He stressed that after the death of the previous occupant over 300 years ago, it fell upon Naa Okromo, who was prophesied by her birth to take up the mantle as Queen.

“Naa Okromo remained in her mother’s womb for two years before her birth. Through the interventions of the Gborbu deities she was delivered and consecrated. She sat without walking for two years, and through divine intervention, consultations to Gborbu diety she could walk.

“This makes her a mystery child. She has been preserved to maintain her virginity till now to assume her role Naa Yoomo Ayemuede which she begun 6 years ago,” he said.

He stressed that the event that unfolded on Saturday saw some excesses, including verbal misrepresentation and other exaggerations by some people who took over the microphone after the actual MC was done with the presentation.

He stressed that “The overlord of the Ga-Adangbe state will for no reason attempt to violate the constitution of the republic which over the years he has expressed and shown by way of his actions and defended.”

Also, Wor Lumo Boni Nuumo Noi Osekan Kpeneku said Naa Yoomo was not married to the Gborbu Wulomo.

“The girl in question is actually sixteen years old. We accept and agree that by the constitution of the land she is under-aged, but she is not married to the Gborbu Wulomo as it is being stated. That is not the issue,” he added.

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