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Nursing mother, her baby crushed at Bolgatanga

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A woman and a baby were crashed by a long vehicle at Bolgatanga Friday morning. They died instantly.

According to witnesses, the unfortunate incident occurred when a tricycle veered off its lane in an attempt to overtake another tricycle but miscalculated the distance required to do so.

The tricycle rider, upon spotting an oncoming vehicle, decided to swerve. In the process, he accidentally knocked off the woman from the motorbike she was riding. The woman fell with a child she had tied to her back as well as two other children who were riding with her, onto the lane being plied by the long vehicle.

Nursing mother, her baby crashed to death at Bolgatanga

The woman and the baby at her back died instantly, while the two children sustained some degrees of injury.

Police have conveyed the bodies of the deceased to the Upper East Regional Hospital as witnesses express shock and grief.

Meanwhile, the long vehicle and the tricycle have been moved to the Bolgatanga Municipal Police Station for investigations.

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