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Not ready for GH-comedians-only shows —Nabil

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EVENT organiser Nabil Alhassan agrees our home-grown comedians have stepped up their craft splitting the sides of their audience in recent times, headlining their own shows and even filling venues to capacity; yet, he is not ready to host an all-Ghanaian-comedian show. Not just now.

Nabil, the organiser of the annual Easter Comedy Show who once said our comedians were boring in an interview with Graphic Showbiz in 2018, believes although Ghanaian comedians have chalked up some success lately, there is still room for improvement and he will continue to stick to a blend of Ghanaian comedians and those from other African countries for now.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz, Nabil disclosed “I don’t think I will feature only Ghanaian comedians on my show yet. Maybe, I will do so in the future but not now. As an event organiser, you need to weigh your options when putting together such events. I have hosted Easter Comedy Show for eight years without sponsorship but I do it because of the passion I have for comedy.

“I have featured the likes of Bovi, Salvado, Gordons, Omo Baba, Pencil, Lekzy Decomic, Clemento Suarez, DKB and even with all these top comedians, I still don’t have sponsors but the show goes on,” he said.

“Headlining your own shows is very good, it gives the comedians enough time to engage their audience but are they learning and building up for a bigger market? They need to research more, think deeply and crack their audience up on any given day.

“I know doing comedy is not easy, especially when patrons to your show come in various moods yet you have to make them laugh. I think our comedians are doing well but they need to do serious research and be creative all the time.

“I am not putting them down because I also benefit as an event organiser if they are so good that I don’t need to have second thoughts about engaging them. If the market is flooded with so much talent, it helps both parties. The comedians get booked all the time and we the organisers feature them on our shows and we all will make money,” he added.

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Giving his take on females doing comedy, Nabil said they should not shy away but take it up. “Females are more funny, they have more stuff to share and I will entreat them to do comedy if they have what it takes and also have the passion for it. There is money in comedy if you position yourself well,” he said

Explaining why Easter Comedy Show has been off the radar for the past two years, Nabil revealed he had plans to bring it back next year.

“The event was off due to lack of funding but hopefully we are coming back next year. The comedians will agree with me after hosting their own shows that it is not easy to do so without sponsors. I am, therefore, appealing to sponsors to come on board,” he added.

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