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Let’s invest in lower-category senior high schools – Parents

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A concerned parent has called on government and relevant stakeholders to invest in the transformation of lower-category senior high schools (SHS) in the public sector.

According to her, when all schools are in good standing, parents would not pay huge sums of money to get their wards into the acclaimed ‘good’ schools.

“I know we’ll not be able to make all schools category A schools but if we try as much as possible and raise the B, C and others to a very good level, then these things can be curbed a bit.

“Then parents will be okay if their child is going to a category B school because they are equally good,” she said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Monday.

The conversation surrounding SHS’s computerised placement came into the limelight after the Fourth Estate uncovered the rots that transpire at the entity.

The Education Minister and the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) were the only ones given access and passwords to approve protocol placement into Category A senior high schools.

This was to curb fraud, but The Fourth Estate‘s investigations found that placement into such schools happened through a network of intermediaries that included cleaners and security guards.

Also, it found that an investigation requested by the Director-General of GES into allegations of corruption in the placement system was abruptly discontinued by two state security agencies.

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