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Kojo Antwi makes shocking revelation about his music career

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Legendary highlife artiste, Kojo Antwi, has disclosed that he gained recognition in the music industry after he released his fourth album.

Despite his enormous knowledge and talent in the industry, he believes his genre of music made it difficult to reach the limelight quickly as compared to ‘fast type’ music produced by many recently.

“The journey was long.”

“It was just after I did my fourth album that was when I was ready to come out. Because back then you need a repertoire. If you talk about doing a show, you need to have a repertoire to entertain your crowd. And back then with four albums I had the privilege to come out.

“People were not really into my music. It was when I did ‘Don’t Stop the Music’, it was when I came out with Music Man album that people started pursuing, who is Kojo Antwi?”

Speaking on Joy Prime ‘Prime Morning Show’, Mr Music Man, as he’s known, said that having different elements of albums as an artiste also helped his career.

“That’s great because it gives me the artiste repertoires so if I come to perform, its not that I have one song and when I’m done there’s nothing for me to do. You get the opportunity to come out with an album it gives you the repertoire to come out as an artiste.”

Having been in the music industry for decades, he believes there is more to be done to improve his music career, hence the need to re-brand and give more of himself for music lovers.

Meanwhile, the Afro-pop artist indicated that his name “Kojo Antwi,” might be changed next year as part of re-branding hence, the need to re-brand and give more of himself for music lovers.

“Next year we will be pursuing something else. There is a change of name coming,” he revealed.

Though he might change the name, he said, “I can always go back and tap into it, but I still believe there’s a lot that I have that is not out there. So the book has other things that come to it. There’s a whole lot coming.”

On the 24th December, Kojo Antwi is ready to thrill his fans at his “Maestro: Kojo Antwi, The Love Songs Unlimited Concert.’ The ‘Music Man’ revealed that his 14th album is ready to be released in 2023.

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