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Janga chief urges govt to abandon E-levy and create jobs

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Janga Chief, Naa Seidu Nantogmah

Paramount Chief for the Janga Traditional Area, Naa Seidu Nantogmah, has kicked against the passage of the controversial Electronic Levy (E-Levy), saying the jobless youth will suffer.

Naa Seidu Nantogmah, who doubles as the Vice President of the North-East Regional House of Chiefs, said most of the youth in the country are unemployed, therefore the introduction of the E-levy will affect them badly.

According to him, the government should offer the youth in the country job opportunities in order to boost tax payments in the country.

“Government should create jobs for citizens to be employed so they can happily pay their taxes,” he said.


Speaking on Adom News, he stated that the E-Levy, if passed, might not be used to create jobs but rather be mismanaged by politicians.

“If I watch what is happening at the Parliament House it tells me that, they don’t love the country,” he noted.

The paramount chief disclosed that most of the young ladies in his community have left to the cities to engage in ‘Kayaye’ due to the lack of jobs in the area, therefore, the need for the government to create jobs instead of passing the E-Levy bill.

“There is no job in my town apart from farming. So, if the government supports our farming activities and the citizens get money, there wouldn’t be any problem when the government introduces the tax,” he said.

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