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Ho Central Prison inmates appeal for new kitchen

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Inmates of the Ho Central Prisons have appealed to well-wishers to help fix the cooking shed off the main yard.

An inmate who spoke for the others, when ‘Volta My Pride,’ a youth social philanthropic group in the Volta Region paid a visit to the facility, said the kitchen roof was “very bad” with a leaky roof and weighed heavily on the delivery of meals during rainstorms.

He said aside from the overpopulation of inmates, the feeding rate of ₵1.80 was equally inadequate and needed to be reviewed.

He also led an appeal for accessories such as toiletries and revealed the plight of foreigners, who required assistance in reuniting with their families.

The Group had donated food and non-food items to the prisons and was meeting with inmates to encourage them on their pilgrimages of reform.

Joseph Tsidi, Public Relations Officer of the Group urged inmates to conform to the reformation, and hold on to hope.

“This is not the end. You will definitely go out and make it in life,” he said promising support on behalf of the Group for the kitchen restoration and other needs.

Reverend Father. Superintendent. Francis Nana Eboo, Regional Chaplain of the Prisons Service, who received the Group, thanked its compassionate consideration, and said such support from society would help address prison challenges.

The Ho Central Prison, built for 170 inmates, currently holds over 450.

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