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GWL to shut down Kpong water treatment plant

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The Ghana Water Limited (GWL) has announced a temporary shutdown of one of its treatment plants in Kpong that serves the Krobo-Somanya area.

The planned exercise will take place from February 14 to 15, 2024.

In a statement, GWL explained the shutdown is essential for the installation of a new interconnection pipeline and foot valves at the Kpong Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

It is expected that the installation of the new interconnection pipeline will boost the capacity of the plant by approximately 3 million gallons per day (mgd) i.e., 13,600m3.

The company has since apologised to the public for any inconvenience that the shutdown might cause.

Essential service providers, especially the hospitals and schools in the area, have been advised to ensure they have adequate storage for the period.

“While we appreciate the inconvenience this may cause, GWL assures the public that our dedicated team of Engineers will work diligently within the estimated time frame to restore water supply to the affected communities,” portions of the statement read.

Meanwhile, GWL has assured alternative arrangements have been made to ameliorate the situation.

“As a result, consumers are expected to inform their community Leaders, Assemblymen, and Unit Committee members in times of emergency,” the statement advised.


Read the full statement below:

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