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GPRTU reacts to Gold for Oil deal

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The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) says the Gold for Oil policy implemented by the government does not live up to the expectation of the union.

Speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show on Tuesday, the union’s Public Relations Officer explained that the manner in which the programme was promoted by the government gave them hope of reducing the high cost of petroleum products.

However, he highlighted that after the policy was implemented, the consumers were not seeing any positives.

“What we are seeing now is not what we are expecting. Because, if you check on the pump right now, the diesel to the petrol prices are still around 14.5, 14.9 thereabout, hitting 15 cedis per litre. Where it is now will not push us, the transporters to also think of reducing our transport fares.

“But we are not seeing it. As it stands now, our expectations are not being met,” he bemoaned to host, Benjamin Akakpo.

Mr Amoah added that although he acknowledged that there had been some reduction in the prices of petroleum products, it was inadequate.

He explained that considering the explanation and assurances that government gave with regards to the policy, they, the transporters, presumed that at present, the prices of fuel would have been reduced to an affordable level.

“We are thinking that by this time, the fuel prices will come down to the level that transporters can also think about reducing their transport fares,” he stated.

Mr Amoah further stated that the union expected fuel prices to decline to about ¢11.3 before the union could consider reducing fares.

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