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Glover Technologies launches its brand in Ghana

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Glover App launch / Credit: Glover Technologies

Nigerian-based digital gift card Transaction Company, Glover Technologies Limited, has launched its brand in Ghana.

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Glover Technologies, Damilola Layode, indicated that the brand is in to ensure seamless gift card transactions among individuals and businesses.

“More importantly we represent an avenue for us to further catalyze on commerce”.

According to him, the Glover app is a secured app and is accessible to all users.

“We’ve gone one step further to ensure that all the partners on board whose local cards are accessible on the platform are businesses that people require, are timely and relevant to people that we target as users.

“You are only allowed to move money from your wallet into a bank account that you’ve registered to your wallet,” he added.

Glover App launch

He said, “Gift cards are tokens which represent direct substitutes for government fiat money or for fiat money in general.

“Meaning we’ve been able to find the way to ascribe some form of quantitative value in this case now currency to a virtual medium like a token and can’t be robbed.”


Comparing the app to Mobile Money (MoMo) Transactions, Mr. Layode stated that the Glover app is different considering how the app works.

“We are completely different from Momo. Momo allows you to transfer money, receive money, make redrawals, we have no business around all of that and that is not our concern here,” he said.

“What we are trying to do is that we are trying to give people another assert class through which they can exchange value in the event where they’ve been gifted these cards or trying to shop online from international stores or local stores,” he added.

The Nigeria-based company is focused on digital gift card transactions where people buy and sell gift cards, purchase other items using digital means and experience the gifting culture on the continent and the world at large.

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