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Driving Schools Association to publish list of approved institutions

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The Ghana National Association of Driving Schools (GNADS) is working towards publishing a list of schools that are in good standing.

This is to enable drivers to get proper training on the usage of road signs and driving techniques to help curb road accidents.

Speaking to KMJ on Prime Morning Show on Thursday, the Chairman of the Greater Accra Region, Ali Wahab, revealed that policies are being put in place to publish a list of well-equipped driving schools to ensure that drivers are well educated.

“In the near future, we have things in place. We’re also going to publish the names of good driving schools in the dailies. If you want to send your ward, your child, or anybody to driving school, make sure you go through this list,” he said.

According to him, anybody interested in joining the association will require certification from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

“Before somebody joins the association, you need to be certified by DVLA. DVLA has to inspect the classroom, the cars, and certified instructors to be able to teach,” he added.

He indicated that formal training is key in driving, believing that “Experience is a factor, but knowledge is a major factor.”

The Chairman is of the view that driver education will enable drivers to be knowledgeable about road signs and help the road safety initiative.

He also revealed that the association is working on introducing local languages in the various schools, saying language can never be a barrier in training drivers.

“Even our regulators have deemed it necessary that education should not be a barrier for someone learning how to drive. So now the computer things, they’re putting some in five local languages, which is about to roll up,” he explained.

Additionally, he said, “We’ll make sure that any language that you deem necessary to understand, to the best of your knowledge, we’re going to take you through it. Hopefully, by the end of the year, we’re going to roll those things out.”

He urged unregistered drivers to register as the association is collaborating with Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) to clamp down on them.

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