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Dormaa Traditional Council enstools 32-year-old as new Abesim chief

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The Dormaa Traditional Council in the Bono region has appointed a 32-year-old Industrial Technician based in Japan as the new chief of Abesim.

The newly enstooled chief, who will also assume the position of Kyidomhene of the Traditional Council, will be known by the stool name Barima Kumi Acheaw III.

In his private life, he goes by the name Kelvin Kwaku Anane Addo. Barima Kumi Acheaw III takes over the role from his late uncle, Barima Kumi Acheaw II, who passed away in 2022 after a brief illness.

The former chief was 70 years old and held the position for approximately two decades.

The Paramount Chief of the Dormaa Traditional Area, Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu II, approved the new chief’s candidacy, paving the way for a colorful enstoolment ceremony held at Abesim, near Sunyani on Sunday.

Barima Mintah Afari II, the Chief of Chiraa and Benkumhene of Dormaa Traditional Council, represented Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Badu II during the ceremony, guiding the new chief through customs and traditional rites at the Abesim Palace.

Despite the calm and peaceful atmosphere in the town, armed police officers were strategically placed to maintain law and order as the community celebrated with joy and excitement.

Following tradition, the elated chiefs and residents carried Barima Acheaw III on their shoulders, parading through the main street amidst dancing and cheers.

Barima Afari II urged the community to respect and honor the new chief, emphasizing the importance of unity to foster development in Abesim and the Dormaa Traditional Area.

He highlighted the chief’s role in promoting peace and unity, addressing development challenges, and encouraged support for initiatives focused on education and environmental cleanliness.

Describing the late chief as development-oriented, Barima Afari called on the new chief to emulate his late uncle’s humility and commitment to service.

He advised sub-chiefs to unite and work together for the town’s progress.

Expressing gratitude to the Dormaa Traditional Council, Barima Acheaw III pledged to serve the people diligently for the purpose of development.

He stressed the critical role of peace and social cohesion in facilitating area development and urged the community to continue fostering unity.

Barima Acheaw III, an alumnus of Abesim-based Olistar Preparatory School, Sunyani-based Lawrence Demonstration Preparatory School, and Abesim St. James Seminary and Senior High School, shared his professional background.

He worked as a teacher after secondary school, later becoming an industrial technician in Japan, where he also engaged in various business endeavors, including working at the Ghana Embassy in Tokyo.

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