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Clergy urges EC to remain steadfast and stand against political influences

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EC boss, Jean Mensa

Calls have been made to the Electoral Commission (EC) to uphold fairness and firmness to maintain its integrity and safeguard the credibility of the upcoming 2024 election, preserving the current peace in the nation.

Several Reverend Ministers in the Sunyani Municipality emphasized the crucial role of the national electoral management body in ensuring a free, fair, and transparent general election.

Speaking separately in interviews with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) during New Year’s night vigils in Sunyani, these religious leaders commended the EC for its honesty and efficiency in organizing past general elections, contributing to the ongoing national peace and stability.

Very Reverend Dr. Solomon Bruce, the Superintendent Minister and Synod Secretary of the Sunyani Methodist Diocese, stressed the significant responsibility of the EC in shaping the destiny and future of the nation.

He urged the Commission to remain resolute and steadfast for the upcoming Election of 2024.

The religious leaders acknowledged the integral role of the electorate in ensuring an incident-free 2024 general election, advising political party supporters to maintain decorum during the electioneering process and make informed choices at the ballot.

Apostle Ofori Baffour, Founder of the Sunyani-based Unique Holy Fire of God Ministry, commended Ghanaians for their efforts in protecting national peace in 2023 and called for increased efforts to ensure absolute peace in 2024.

He urged political party leadership to discourage their members from engaging in lawlessness and violence that could lead to political and social instability.

Apostle Baffour emphasized that peaceful co-existence was crucial for the nation’s economic progress in 2024, benefiting everyone, especially vulnerable groups like children, people with disabilities, and women who often bear the brunt of political violence.

Describing 2024 as a year of Ghana’s economic emancipation, Apostle Emmanuel Sakyi, the Founder and Leader of the Sunyani-based Word of Favour Ministry International, urged politicians to uphold faithfulness and godliness.

He cautioned against using political positions to deceive the unsuspecting and innocent citizens, emphasizing the importance of a peaceful atmosphere for achieving economic progress.


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