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Check out breakdown of over 1000 staff at presidency

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A document submitted to Parliament by the Office of the President has revealed that there are 1048 staffers at the Presidency.

The submission of the report is in accordance with section 11 of the Presidential Office Act, 1993 (Act 463).

It covered three key areas, namely the number of Presidential Staff employed at the Office of the President during the period, the ranks and grades of these staff, and employees of other Public Services assigned to the Office of the President.

These persons per the document serve in various administrative and domestic roles.

These were contained issued by the Jubilee House Communication Directorate.

During the reporting period from January 2022 to December 2022, the document said there were two Ministers of State and 44 Senior Presidential Staffers at post.

The other Political Appointees at the Office of the President were 315 which brings the total number of political appointees to 361.

“It is important to note that out of the 361 persons who are political appointees at the Office of the President, only 163 work physically at the Jubilee House. The others work in the offices to which they have been assigned.

“It is also instructive to note that, in keeping with the established practice of previous governments of the 4th Republic, the 315 other political appointees include Special Assistants, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants to Ministers of State and Regional Ministers, employees in the Office of the Vice President, Aides and Assistants assigned to the First Lady and Second Lady, as well as employees assigned to Government agencies under the Office of the President, such as NEIP, Free SHS Secretariat, MASLOC, Special Development Initiatives Secretariat, Monitoring and Evaluation Secretariat, Zongo and Inner Cities Development Secretariat, amongst others,” the statement read in parts.

In addition to the political appointees, employees of Public Sector Organizations assigned to the Office were also included.

These staff were from different classes, including Administrative, Executive/Clerical, Records, Secretarial, Budget, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Presidential Household, and staff from the Department of Parks and Gardens.

Others were the Ghana Health Service, Controller and Accountant General’s Department, Ghana Audit Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Public Works Department (Prestige), and Ghana Postal Company.

“The total number of these categories of staff was 687. These categories of staff were appointed by their respective public institutions, and the Civil Service and have always been assigned to the Office of the President during previous governments,” the statement noted.

To the Directorate, the submission of this report is a clear indication of the President’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the staffing position of the Office of the President, and it is expected to inform decision-making processes.

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