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What is Rent Control Department doing?

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Ghanaian actor and politician, John Dumelo, has lashed out at the Rent Control Department in Ghana for failing to live up to their mandate.

According to him, most landlords aren’t paying heed to the Rent Acts, hence they are abusing tenants when it comes to required charges.

The actor has been an advocate against advanced payment system when it comes to renting in Ghana.

He has on many occasions voiced out for the youth who are struggling to pay rent and those who are basically unable to save due to high cost being charged by various landlords.

According to Mr Dumelo, landlords increase rent anytime they want without the knowledge of the Rent Control Department whereas the Department looks unperturbed.

“How can landlords still be requesting 2yrs rent advance for residential properties and increase the rent when and how they want? What is rent control department doing? Tenants are suffering!!! He wrote.

What is Rent Control Department doing – John Dumelo asks


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