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UTAG defers strike after negotiations with gov’t

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The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has put off any industrial action until further notice following successful negotiations with the government over their conditions of service.

In a press release, UTAG indicated that they have made significant progress in negotiating the three main issues – payroll, non-payroll and monetary issues – put before the government during meetings.

“UTAG has agreed with the government on the payroll items, effective January 1, 2024. It is expected that the changes will be reflected on the payslips of Members as soon as practicable,” parts of the statement read.

On the other two, UTAG indicated that “each Branch Executive engaged with their respective Management on the nonpayroll/IGF-related items, and agreed figures are to be submitted to the FWSC (Fair Wages and Salaries Commission) for further action.”

“Additionally, a joint committee comprising representatives from UTAG/TUTAG, FWSC, and VCG (Vice Chancellors Ghana) was established to address non-monetary items,” the statement added.

UTAG indicated that the committee will convene to finalise decisions on the critical matters pending.

The association added that upon reaching agreements on these outstanding issues, UTAG will formalise the CoS document subject to renegotiation every two years.

“Acknowledging the resounding support for strike action from all Branches due to the slow negotiation process, the National Executive Council (NEC) has decided to defer any strike action until further notice, given the signing of the agreement on payroll items and the forthcoming meetings on non-monetary and IGF discussions with FWSC.”

UTAG expressed gratitude to all members nationwide for their patience and understanding throughout the process and to the Minister of Education, Finance Ministry, FWSC and others for helping expedite the negotiations on payroll items.


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