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Trump gets ‘more facts’ to overturn Biden’s projected win as “98% of voters” don’t want him to concede defeat

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President Donald Trump

A recently conducted poll by a United States (US)-based media house has shown that most participants do not want President Donald Trump to concede defeat.

According to the poll by Newsmax, out of 192,774 people who voted, 98.9% (190,593) voted NO meaning they don’t want President Trump to stand down and acknowledge he lost the election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Those who said President Trump should admit defeat were a meagre 1.1% which translated to 2,181 votes. The poll caught the president’s attention and he shared it on Twitter with a message indicating he plans to continue pushing his bid of overturning Biden’s win in court.

Newsmax now seems to become one of Trump’s supporters’ favourite channel. The president and his followers have been fans of Foxnews but things appeared to have gone sour shortly after the election when the news outlet seemed to acknowledge Mr Biden was winning the poll. Meanwhile, some members of the Republican Party have continued to contest the result of the US presidential election which projected Democratic candidate, Mr Biden as the winner of the poll.

According to Bloomberg, a group of Pennsylvania Republicans has filed an emergency lawsuit seeking to block certification of the election results in favour of Mr Biden in the state. The petition was filed in the state ahead of the Monday, November 13, deadline for Pennsylvania counties to certify their voting results.

A President Trump ally, United States Representative Mike Kelly, is reported to be among the plaintiffs seeking to stop election certification in the state.

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