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‘Trotro’ driver arrested for stabbing lover, vows to repeat action

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A 33-year-old ‘trotro’ driver is in the grips of the Tafo Police in the Ashanti Region for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend when she made attempts to end their relationship.

Residents of Tafo Zongo rushed to the victim’s house when her scream for help gained their attention, only to find her in a pool of blood.

The victim, 22-year old Deborah Asante, was injured in an altercation with suspect Clement Ansah over his drunkenness and misbehavior.

The victim was stabbed multiple times in the back and neck with a pair of scissors.

She is currently receiving treatment at the Tafo Government Hospital.

Giving his side, suspect Ansah claimed their five-month-old relationship had been rosy because he “treated her with kindness”.


But, the situation changed when the victim constantly nagged about his source of enjoyment; marijuana and alcohol.

To get his freedom to live life how he pleases, “Deborah must disappear.” He again threatened to kill her should he be released from the cell.

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