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Three nurses, police officers assaulted in attack at Gomoa Potsin polyclinic

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A violent incident unfolded at Potsin Polyclinic as outraged residents of Gomoa Dominse attacked the facility, resulting in the assault of three nurses and two police officers.

The attack was triggered by the death of a 35-year-old man, identified as Ato, who had been brought to the clinic after collapsing at home around 5:00 pm the previous night but unfortunately passed away on Thursday morning.

The circumstances surrounding Ato’s death incited the anger of Gomoa Dominse residents, who accused the clinic staff of refusing their demands to release the deceased’s body without following proper procedures.

The enraged mob, numbering over 200, stormed the facility, wreaking havoc by destroying computers in the O.P.D., vandalizing a glass door, flatscreen TV, weighing scale, and water basins.

Kojo Poku, an eyewitness, reported that he managed to secure the wards, preventing further damage by locking them.

Despite their efforts, the irate residents forcefully entered the cold room and retrieved the deceased’s body without adhering to necessary protocols.

Dr. Jerry Vlad-Nkegbe, the medical superintendent, expressed fear and panic among the staff, as the perpetrators threatened to track them down at their homes.

In response to the escalating situation, police officers have taken control of the facility to safeguard lives and protect property.

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