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The first time I used a WC was at Legon Presec

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Dr Bernard Okoe Boye is the new CEO of NHIA appointed by President Akufo-Addo
Dr Bernard Okoe Boye is the new CEO of NHIA appointed by President Akufo-Addo

Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Authority, Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye has defended commissioning a 20-seater toilet.

This is in reaction to an article published in the Herald newspaper, Friday 29th April 2022.

The article titled: “Okoe-Boye, Toilet And Celebration Of Mediocrity” sought to condemn the former Ledzokuku Member of Parliament for commissioning a 20-seater toilet facility at Lekma.

Okoe Boye in a tweet said: “This morning, I had the privilege of commissioning a 20- seater toilet located behind the Lekma Hospital. I financed the project with my MP’s share of the Common Fund. What drives me remains the mission to make the world a better place”.

However, Abdul Razak Bawa, the author of the article wasn’t enthused with the commissioning; asking Okoe Boye not to be “desperate”.


“I had huge respect for Okoe Boye, but to think that he can also stoop so low to play to the gallery, baffles me. Okoe Boye’s continues embarrassment of the good people Ledzokuku, is akin to the proverbial macabre dance of the absurd, Kings dancing naked in the arena in the self-delusion that they are entertaining the audience. It is nauseating. It makes one puke. It makes one sick. It annoys. It irritates. But it must be tolerated. And it is even necessary.

“Toilet is not a luxury, but a necessity; every household should have a decent toilet, only if laws are allowed to work in this country. The reality is that Okoe Boye is a very damaged and unsellable ware, yet he wants to stage a comeback. His modus operandi is not tidy and certainly not appealing” portions of the article read.

Speaking to this on Peace FM, Okoe Boye said “if you have not queued at a public toilet before when someone commissions one, you will describe it as mediocrity. The first time I used a flush toilet was at Legon Presec; this world…”

Listening to the wording of the article read by the host of the show, Kwami Sefa Kayi, he joked: “you would have helped the nation if you had formed a civil society with your big grammar…if you take this big grammar to places where people have queued to go to nature’s call, you will see what they will do to you.”

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