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Talking loosely in public can make you a target to criminals – Police warns

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File photo: Police

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has warned the citizenry against talking loosely, particularly, about money issues in public.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Law Sunday, Public Affairs Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, DSP Effia Tenge noted that the act makes the individual a target for criminals who overhear such sensitive information.

“It is not all of us who are privileged to have our own vehicles. So we sometimes pick taxis or any of these riding services.

“When we pick them, having secured your home taking notice of the basic security tips at home, you must be careful how you talk.

“[Some people will be on phone and be saying] ‘This person is bringing me this amount of money.’ ‘Oh, I forgot to withdraw the money’. One thing you should note is, you are not communicating with whoever you are there with, so be mindful of what you say. Else you will be giving information to people, unintended,” she warned.

The Public Affairs Officer further advised all and sundry to desist from openly displaying assets that will attract delinquents to attack them.

According to her, huge sum of money, electronics and phones when showcased in public can incites the offenders to attack.

“Sometimes you the individual are not the target, it is what you are holding or what is on you that they [criminals] are after.

“… So you notice that in some cases when the victim is attacked and he or she doesn’t resist and hands over whatever they ask for, they let the person go. So that means we must avoid displaying things like our phones, iPads, laptops, and other equipment to the full glare of everyone.”

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