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Talented 7-year-old creates a portrait of Asantehene

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Princess Nana Sarfo, a seven-year-old artist has presented a portrait she made to the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II during the celebration of Awukudae.

At age four, she could look at anything and draw as it is. This included the Otumfuo’s posters and statue which motivated her to do a portrait of him.

The seven-year-old has always had the passion of drawing people she loves. It has become her habit.

Realising she is gifted, she tries her hands on every picture or person she comes across.

“Every day, I see statues and posters of the man on my way to school. I asked my mum about him and was told he was a king, I decided to draw him at that moment,” she said.

She believes she could not have made it this far without polishing her talent at school.


“Learn hard and grow up to be the person you want to be in future,” she advised her mates.

Mother of Princess, Victoria Anokye Bia

Her mother, Victoria Anokye Bia, was overjoyed and grateful she could meet the Asantehene through her only child.

“It’s hard to meet certain people in life, but through my daughter, I have been able to meet with the Asantehene and I will say its grace. I will never be sad for having just one daughter,” she said.

She cautioned parents to assist their wards in identifying their talent.

“Every parent should look out for their children’s talent and help them in achieving their goals. Some people complete the university without knowing what they want to do with their lives. It’s good to start helping children so you know what they want to do with their lives through their talent,” she advised.

She prayed that may God continues to bless Otumfuo with long life to see her daughter grow into a noblewoman.

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