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Stormzy drops new album on November 25

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British musician, Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. popularly known as Stormzy has broken his three years break on social media with the announcement of a new album scheduled for release on Friday, November 25.

Last month, he dropped ‘Mel Made Me Do It’ and has today confirmed details of his highly anticipated third album, This Is What I Mean.

Stormzy has also unveiled the album’s poignant artwork; a letter, placed on a doorstep, emblazoned with the words ‘This Is What I Mean.’ The artwork also reveals the albums 12-track.

 They are Fire + Water, This Is What I Mean, FireBabe, Please, Need You, Hide & Seek, My Presidents Are Black, Sampha’s Plea, Holy Spirit, Bad Blood, I Got My Smile Back and Give It To The Water.

On the release of his third album, Stormzy stands not only as one of Britain’s most accomplished rappers, but one of its most accomplished musicians of any genre and a cultural icon.

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Through his new record, he’s delivered an undeniable modern classic, effortlessly condensing any number of disparate styles and genres into music which thrillingly broaches any gap between urgent modern treatise, soul and hip-hop.

A bold, brave and courageous leap forward from his critically acclaimed previous two albums- ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’and ‘Heavy Is The Head’.

In statement, it mentioned that “This isn’t music simply for the pop charts but rather, an intimate love letter to music and one that showcases intensely personal and lyrical themes which lay bare the vulnerabilities, regret, frailties, healing, joy and triumph in a manner and to an extent that reframes the notion of what rap artists traditionally might do and be.

“The confidence which drove the album stemmed from a deeper and far more spiritual place than we have seen from Stormzy previously,” he said.

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