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Sterile husband refuses to let wife go for artificial insemination [Video]

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A woman is up against her husband for restraining her from going for artificial insemination even though doctors have declared him impotent.

The couple has been married for almost four years, but has no child due to the husband’s impotence which was recently diagnosed by doctors.

Doctors who diagnosed the man of low sperm count advised that the couple settled for artificial insemination to help them have a child but the man has strongly opposed the option.

“My sister-in-law used to insult me for being barren but we found out recently from doctors that the problem is from him. He has not obeyed the doctor’s advice so we are still childless,” the woman recounted.

But the man refuted the claim when the couple appeared on Nhyira FM’s Obra Show.

“I have made plans to raise the amount needed for the insemination by selling my land but this woman has been unfaithful so I decided to divorce her,” he said.

In the twist of events, the woman says she is no longer interested in the insemination because her husband can betray her later.

She wants to go for another man but the husband is not ready for divorce.

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