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Scores besiege ‘37’ DVLA office for 2024 vehicle number plates

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The DVLA 37 Office was bustling with activity on Tuesday as car owners eagerly took advantage of the opportunity to acquire the sought-after 2024 number plates.

This annual rush, customary with the start of a new year, saw individuals keen on adorning their vehicles with the latest registration tags.

Adom News gained insights into the registration process from Attah Kumah Mensah, the DVLA Accra Regional Manager.

Mr. Mensah provided a thorough explanation of the steps involved, highlighting the commitment to ensuring a smooth and transparent registration experience for all car owners.

Notably, the 2024 process represents a significant shift into the digital age with the implementation of Electronic Vehicle Registration.

This technological advancement streamlines the registration process, enhancing efficiency and user-friendliness for car owners.

Mr. Mensah emphasized the noteworthy collaboration between the DVLA and the National Identification Authority (NIA) for data sharing, contributing to a more robust vehicle registration system by improving accuracy and completeness of information.

While the DVLA 37 Office is a hive of activity, it’s not the sole location handling vehicle registrations.

Mr. Mensah revealed that District offices across the country are actively involved in the registration process, making it more convenient for local communities.

For those inclined towards the digital route, Mr. Mensah mentioned that the DVLA online platform is fully operational, providing a convenient and efficient alternative for vehicle registration.

Car owners can complete the process from the comfort of their homes or offices, saving time and minimizing the need for physical visits.

In a bid to fortify the integrity of the registration process, a significant collaboration exists between the DVLA and the Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS).

Customs employs this integration to cross-check chassis numbers, ensuring that vehicles seeking registration have fulfilled their duty payment obligations.

This proactive measure is aimed at preventing any irregularities in the registration process.


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