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Presbyterian pastor dies in accident on New Year’s eve [Photos]

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A Bodada District Presbyterian Pastor in an Urvan bus has lost his life on the Jasikan-Kadjebi road.

The accident, according to sources occurred on December 31, 2020.

Eyewitnesses say, he had a flat tyre and lost control. The vehicle somersaulted several times and landed upside down.

The 56.4 kilometre stretch of the Eastern Corridor road from Jasikan to Dodo-Pepesu is progressing steadily.

However, 17 kilometres of the stretch between Jasikan and Kadjebi has become prone to vehicular accidents. The stretch has recorded more than 10 accidents between October and December 2020.

On December 5, a Ford vehicle according to eyewitnesses also somersaulted and landed in a ditch.

Residents who spoke to JoyNews’ Peter Senyoo say the recent increase in road accidents can be attributed to over speeding.

“When they are driving, it is like they are out of their minds. The motorists are no exception. We always have to move to the side of the bush to be safe.”

On December 14, a Toyota vehicle veered off the road and landed into a ditch. An account from a victim dismissed claims of over speeding.

“The steer of the vehicle got stuck. We were not over speeding. Hopefully, we sustained minor injuries,” he said.

In response to the matter, a representative of the Ghana Highway Authority said: “the accidents are behavioral. The drivers don’t obey the rules of the road.”

According to him, drivers over speed because of the notion on a newly constructed road.

He said for construction zones, the speed limit is 30-50MPH, hence urged drivers to avoid unnecessary overtaking and over speeding.

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