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Popular Sierra Leonean prophet predicts victory for NDC in 2024 polls

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Sierra Leonean prophet, Elijah A. M. Conteh, predicts a triumphant outcome for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the forthcoming general elections scheduled for December 2024.

Conteh said he foresaw jubilant celebrations by a party akin to the NDC in Ghana, marking an election victory.

Although he wasn’t too clear about the specific election, according to him, his vision revealed the date as December 10, 2024.

Conteh said he saw an official announcement being made on the said date alongside a jubilant NDC party.

He then added the NDC’s flagbearer, whoever he may be and supporters to engage in prayer and diligent efforts.

 “I see a party like the NDC in Ghana celebrating an election; I don’t know whether the election is for [sic] but I saw the date 10th of December 2024. I saw an announcement being made, 10th of December, NDC party, whoever their flagbearer is, let them just pray and work well. There is light at the end of the tunnel and God will cause us all to enjoy peace across the nations of the world,” the popular prophet said.

Watch the attached video below for full prophecy:

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