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Oti River ferry breaks down, halts trading

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Oti River ferry breaks down
Oti River ferry breaks down

The Ferry on the Oti River in Dambai in the Oti Region has broken down.

The Ferry according to the residents broke down four days ago leaving passengers stranded and foodstuffs going bad at both sides of the river banks. 

The traders with goods as well as drivers carrying goods lamented on the deplorable situation and plead with government to have a permanent solution to the problem.

According to them, “this is becoming too much and governance needs to act fast before things get out of hands.”

Oti River ferry breaks down, halts trading - MyJoyOnline.com

Frustrated passengers have now resorted to using bikes and tricycles to make the journey, which has now become uncomfortable for passengers.

Some political artivists as well as business and private individuals were not spared as they had to pack their cars and join overcrowded boats and canoes to cross to their destinations.

Residents have appealed for the construction of a bridge across the river to make traveling easier.

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