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Next Parliament will not approve more than 70 appointees – Haruna Iddrisu

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finance minister presents budget in parliament

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu says the eighth Parliament will not support the vetting and approval of Ministers of State and their deputies exceeding 70 appointees.

The Tamale South MP said whoever is declared ‘winner’ for the presidency should cut and reduce the size of government drastically to protect the public purse.

Speaking to Adom News on a number of issues, the Tamale South MP insisted that a country like Ghana should not have over 120 ministers.

“I will not, whether Majority or Minority Leader, negotiate with any president in the reduction of his government because it is a must.

“Parliament should not allow any president to appoint Ministers and their deputies to exceed 70. I want it to reflect that the citizenry wants preservation of public resources and its prudent use.

“You have to provide accommodation, security and vehicles be it four wheels or salon cars, they all come at a price which can be used to take care of a pregnant woman and a sick child somewhere,” he stated.


Mr Iddrissu then quizzed, “Why should you have 120 ministers for a small country like Ghana?”

On the nomination of next Speaker for the eighth Parliament, the Tamale South MP said the next Parliament needs a politically neutral Speaker to oversee the proceedings of the House.

“For Speaker of Parliament you will need somebody who is above reproach, above partisanship, familiar with the rules and has an unparalleled commitment to the good of Ghana, and would hold the two sides of the house together for the good of Ghana and not serve any parochial interest,” he said.

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