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New twist to Hushpuppi, accomplice’s ‘fraud’ case

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Woodberry went down with Hushpuppi due to their arrogance and love for flaunting and spending lavishly on social media

Hushpuppi’s friend, Woodberry, is due to face his Disciplinary Hearing next month for the mobile phone he was found illegally in possession of on December 3rd, 2020.

This is a prison-based hearing where a further investigation is expected to find out how the phone got into the prison.

Also, because the evidence was uncovered from the phone showing Woodberry’s participation in a $2.1 million BEC fraud and buying of over $300,000 of hacked Bitcoin wallets from the Russian underground website, he is likely to face further criminal charges in addition to his current ones lodged at United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois.

Standard prison procedure is to put the offender in solitary confinement until his disciplinary hearing where he will have to answer how he came in possession of the phone.

Possible outcomes of his hearing are time added to his sentence, loss of visitation privileges; loss of commissary privileges; loss of phone call privileges; and possibly a disciplinary transfer to another prison if there is suspicion that a member of staff brought it into prison for him.

In the case of Ramon Abass, alias Hushpuppi, he has requested a new lawyer to handle his case after he last applied to withdraw.

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