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NDC chairman apologizes for near-bloody false alarm

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Alhassan Mohammed

National Democratic Congress (NDC) chairman for Kintampo North, Alhassan Mohammed, has apologised for some comments which created tension.

Mr Alhassan suggested the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was hiding Electoral Commission (EC) materials in a particular house with intention of rigging tomorrow’s elections.

But for the quick intervention of the security Kintampo would have witnessed a bloody Sunday afternoon for the false alarm.

This suspicion attracted hundreds of NDC sympathisers who surrounded the house to do their search for the alleged materials.

This brought about tension at the place as both parties troop there to ascertain the veracity of the allegation.

In the process the elections security team quickly rushed there and the NDC constituency chairman was permitted to lead his team to search the house.


At the end of the search it was revealed EC materials were absent but rather the New Patriotic Party was setting up the place as their party’s collation centre.

The chairman, therefore, came out to address the feuding supporters and apologised to the residents of the house and the security for the false alarm.

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