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My five daughters were killed by a trailer but I’m yet to get justice – Father cries

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“It has been five since I have tried to get justice for my girls, yet no one appears to be interested,” these are the words of a 49-year-old carpenter.

The carpenter lost his five daughters aged between 11 to 14 years after an unidentified trailer track ran over them whilst running an errand for their teacher at Assin Kyekyere in the Central Region.

The 49-year-old recounting the horrid incident to JoyNews said he has since been left traumatized because he was constantly referred from one authority to the other.

Speaking in local parlance, he explained that he was still kept in the dark as to the incident that led to their death because he was only phoned and told that his daughters were run down leading to their instant death.

He said all attempts to bring the driver of the trailer to book have proved futile adding that after the accident, the track was tolled and there has since been no trace of it.

The carpenter seized the opportunity to appeal to the government to come to his aid so he could bring offenders to book.

He made these comments when he joined ‘Accident Victims Support Ghana’ and a group of people who are equally victims of road accidents and have also been denied justice.

The founder of the Non-Governmental Organization, Rev Cyril Crabbe asked for financial support to help victims of accidents.

“People will repair their cars but how about repairing human beings, how about making sure somebody who never paid to be in such a position now finds himself there? The driver could be free but what about the victim,” he said.


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