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My ex-wife pulled a knife on me and had me thrown out of the house

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Austria-based Ghanaian, Richard Owusu, has revealed that his wife pulled a knife on him, reported him to the Austrian police and had him thrown out of his own house after eight years of living together.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Mr Owusu revealed that she was influenced by family and friends to have him thrown out.

According to him, he decided to leave the house for her and their three kids.

“Her father was the difficult one, but I don’t know if it was her father’s influence only or just her. I almost drove into a truck on my way home one time because of what was going on at home.

“We were not married yet, but we were planning to. My ex also never discussed any problem with me. For eight years, we never had a conversation, neither responded to my chats either,” he disclosed.

He said the situation got worse when they arrived in Austria from Italy. He mentioned that he decided to leave the house for her to stay with the children.

“At the slightest chance, she would call the police. She had me thrown out of my house for three months until social services came in. She finally decided to leave, but I told her I’d rather leave. So I can see the kids when I have to.

“I never beat her up, but we had arguments. Whenever my ex-wife got angry, she pulled a knife on me. It happened three times, and I got fed up with it. The last time it happened was when I ‘touched’ her. That was when she called the police on me,” he added.

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