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Mum of twins discovers she’s pregnant with triplets after trying for one more baby

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A mum of twins was shocked to find out she is pregnant with triplets after her boyfriend convinced her to try for one more baby.

Charlotte Boon and her partner, Tyrone Sobers, both 30, are already parents to twins Lavae and Lovelle, nine.

At the end of 2021, they decided to try for another child and were delighted when they discovered Charlotte was pregnant in December 2022.

But when she attended her six-week scan, the mum was surprised to be told that she was expecting triplets.

Now, Charlotte and Tyrone are excited to welcome their new babies who are due in August.

Charlotte, a carer for her son, from Manchester, said: “I went for the scan and the sonographer was giving me the weirdest look.

“Then she said: ‘There’s more than one – there’s actually three.’

“I thought she was lying. I was in shock and told Tyrone over text. He didn’t believe me either.

“We can’t wait now to meet them. We’re so excited.”

Tyrone said: “I was in disbelief when Charlotte said it was three. We’re looking forward to it.

Lavae and Lovelle
Lavae and Lovelle are nine years old ( Image: Charlotte Boon / SWNS)

“With the twins we were scared and didn’t know what to expect. It’s going to be a change. It’s a blessing.”

Tyrone had always wanted to grow his family and convinced Charlotte to start trying for another baby in late 2021.

Charlotte said: “We needed to get going as the twins are already nine.

“We weren’t actively trying but thinking – ‘if it happens, it happens.’”

Charlotte started feeling sick and developed severe migraines in December 2022 but put her symptoms down to her anxiety.

After she was three days late for her period, she decided to take a pregnancy test.

She said: “I didn’t think anything of it until I was three days late and then it all clicked.

“I did a pregnancy test, and it came back positive.

“We were so excited, but I didn’t think it would be more than one.

“I Googled my hormone levels and didn’t think they seemed high.”

Charlotte went for her scan later that month – and went alone while Tyrone had to stay home to look after their twins who were unwell at the time.

She said: “I was chatting to the sonographer telling her I already had twins.

“I thought ‘why is she staring at me?’

“I was in shock when she told me I was having triplets. I was having a meltdown.”

Charlotte had to break the news to Tyrone over text.

She said: “He wouldn’t believe me for ages. I sent the scan to prove it.”

Charlotte will likely have a planned c-section ahead of the due date.

They broke the news to their family and friends on Christmas Day 2022.

Tyrone said: “No one believed us when we told them. They were all shocked.”

The pair are now busy preparing to become a family of seven and have had to look at buying a new seven-seater car for their brood.

Charlotte said: “Tyrone is so excited. He can’t wait. I’ll have had five babies in two pregnancies. It’s crazy.”

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