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More waste water spillage on Accra-Kasoa road angers residents

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The stinking spillage at New Bortianor in the Ga South municipality of the Greater Accra region has increased in volume, further discomforting many more residents.

A little over a fortnight ago, Myjoyonline reported the spillage, which residents suspected was an industrial effluence, and how residents and road users were struggling to cope with it.

The discomforting effluence is located between Old Barrier and the West Hills Shopping Mall and pools on a portion of the Accra-Kasoa highway.

According to residents, on Thursday the community witnessed a nasty situation where the highest volumes yet of waste water with an unbearable stench overflowed on the choked drainage and spread further onto portions of the highway and found its way into compounds of nearby businesses.

Information picked from the community indicates that some residents are organising themselves to march to the offices of the Ga South Municipal Assembly to register their frustration.

The residents said the waste water flows during the night and stopped at dawn, while the stench stays in the air permanently.

It also threatens the integrity of the tarred road.

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