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Metro Mass bus catches fire with parcels of suspected ‘marijuana’, acid on board [Video]

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A Metro Mass Transit bus travelling from Kaneshie to Obuasi-Dunkwa met with a harrowing incident when it caught fire, prompting passengers to evacuate upon noticing smoke.

However, what emerged during the inspection of the bus’s luggage compartment added another layer of intrigue to the situation.

Upon investigation, authorities discovered parcels containing suspected marijuana and acid in the luggage compartment, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Parcels of marijuana discovered in the Metro Bus

Firefighters and police swiftly responded to the scene, bringing the situation under control and confiscating the illicit items.

Passengers onboard the bus recounted the alarming experience, expressing their concerns and posing questions to the responsible authorities.

They urged authorities at the bus terminals to search baggages of passengers thoroughly to prevent such unfortunate circumstance from reoccurring in the future.

Meanwhile, the discovery of illegal substances in the bus has sparked outrage and disbelief among the public. Many have taken to social media to express their shock and amusement at the bizarre turn of events.

Authorities are now conducting further investigations to determine the cause of the fire and how the illicit items ended up in the bus’s luggage compartment, since the driver says he has no idea where they came from and no passenger has owned up.

Watch the video below: 


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