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Mentally challenged man inflicts wounds on ‘pragya’ rider

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File photo: Crime

A 21-year-old ‘pragya’ rider is currently in critical condition after sustaining severe cutlass wounds inflicted by a mentally challenged man.

The incident occurred when Kweku Fafa attempted to intervene in a confrontation between two mentally challenged individuals.

However, the situation turned dire as one of the mentally challenged men retrieved a sharp cutlass and viciously attacked Fafa, rendering him unconscious.

According to an eyewitness, Joseph Dadzei, after the victim was successfully rescued, the enraged residents severely assaulted the mentally challenged man.

The suspect has also been accused of engaging in irresponsible acts, including the alleged sodomization of mentally challenged individuals within the town.

Reports also suggest that he terrorizes women during their bathing routines, causing distress and fear among the female residents.

The police have been notified of the prevalent issue as residents appeal to authorities to get the challenged out of the streets.

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