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Mason jailed for slashing man’s palm over music video

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A mason who slashed the palm of another man with a machete during an argument over a music video at La, in Accra, has been sentenced to six months imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

Eric Koomson pleaded guilty to causing harm and was convicted on his own plea by the court presided over by Adelaide Abui Keddy. 

Music Video

The facts of the case as presented by the prosecutor, Inspector Maxwell Ayim, were that on August 6, 2022, at about 8.30 p.m,  the complainant was standing with a friend by the roadside near a pub at La discussing a music video which the complainant claimed he had appeared in.

According to the prosecutor, Koomson, who was close to the two, disputed the claims of the complainant and said, “it is not true that you are in the video”.

Inspector Ayim said the comment by Koomson brought about a misunderstanding between him and the complainant, which resulted in exchange of words.

He said the two were separated and Koomson left the scene.

“He went home, changed his dress, armed himself with a machete and returned to the scene to attack the complainant and caused injury to his left palm ,” the prosecutor said.

Inspector Ayim said a report was made at the police station, however Koomson ran away and went into hiding. He was finally arrested and arraigned before the court.

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