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Man who earns GH¢ 308 monthly took lady out, she ate food worth GH¢69 and this happened

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A Nigerian man, identified as Olusegun on Twitter, has shared a very ‘horrible’ dating experience he had while his monthly salary was still N20,000 (GH¢308.15). He said that during the outing, while he only bought a bottle of water for himself, the lady ordered food that amounted to N4,500 (GH¢69).

Olusegun said after that day, he knew right there that the lady was not the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

Many have since reacted to the man’s tweet with some saying he should not have even thought about dating with that low income.

Read his post below:

His post has generated comments in their hundreds as many are of the opinion that the lady was not in the wrong in any way.

Many said there was nothing wrong with what the lady did.

@DayoOluyede said: “With all due respect, don’t let this sick mentality follow you to the new year please. She’s not the one because she ordered food while you drink water? Or is it the bill? Did you give her a limit? Does she know how much you earn? She chose the eatery? Smh.”

@t_enabler said: “20,000 a month and your concern was taking a lady out? You can’t adequately take even yourself out let alone feed two.” @LufadejuD replied: “Taking a lady out doesn’t always have to be about food. Most of our Young girls are just glutton.”

@IamJustusBaron said: “Nigerian Ladies believed when you wanna take them out on a date, you’re taking them to eatery to eat the food of their lives.”

@FOgonna said: “20k per month? You should have gone on a date with her under a Mango tree.. and not in an eatery..lol.”

@Prettymercy101 said: “I am applying to this position to be one of your Gee’s. I think we’ll get along really well as friends.”

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