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Man allegedly attacks estranged wife in an attempt to take custody of their children

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In what looked like an action movie, a man identified as Director of the Narcotics Control Board, Kenneth Adu Amanfo, drew a large crowd at Kwadaso Estate in Kumasi when he led four armed men to attack his wife.

Mr Amanfo was attempting to forcibly take custody of his children. It took a good Samaritan’s intervention who whisked the woman and her two children away to seek refuge in a church.

A visibly distraught Mrs Adu Amanfo recounted the harrowing experience to Luv News, describing how a black Landcruiser intercepted her car, and armed men ordered her out and forcefully pushed her to the ground.

“Initially I didn’t know who they were. The four men were all armed, wearing desert security camouflage uniforms, with face masks. They carried pistols and a rifle. It was when Kenneth stepped out that I identified him as my husband,” the sobbing woman told Luv News.

“They ordered me to get out of the car. When I got out, one of the armed men sat in my car and ordered the children to get out of my car but they said no. He ordered them to get into the Landcruiser but they declined and started crying,” she said.

The ensuing commotion attracted a large crowd, prompting intervention from a concerned resident, Kwame Fosu Appiah.

He expressed his disapproval, stating, “What he did to the children was bad. The children were shocked. They pushed one of the children and she fell and her Bible fell to the ground.”

“One of the children, the boy, started running while the girl was crying out for help. I had to intervene. I told him what he was doing was bad. I asked him; so if somebody should video you and put it on social media what will you do?”

Mr Appiah told Luv News that after his interaction with Mr Amanfo, the latter ordered his boys to get into the vehicle and they sped off.

He alleged that the men seized Mrs Amanfo’s phone and she, unfortunately, sustained a cut to her palm.

The Director of the Narcotics Control Board, Kenneth Adu Amanfo, and his wife have been separated for 10 years.

Mrs Amanfo claims she has since been taking care of the children by herself. Recently, she says he has been asking for custody of the children and on Sunday decided to forcibly take the children.

The children, 12 and 11 years, told Luv News they were shocked by the incident. “We feel sad.” They told Luv FM“s Erastus Asare Donkor.

Mrs Adu Amanfo has filed a formal complaint with the Central Police in Kumasi, and the Police say they are investigating.

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